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Review Roundup: Ted Pitney, Mill’s End, and Manda Mosher

Written by whiskeychick on September 13, 2010 – 1:03 pm -

For today’s Review Roundup, we’ll take a taste of Ted Pitney, Mill’s End, and Manda Mosher.

Ted Pitney: “October Fire” - Ted seems to have a smooth, John Mayer/Shawn Pander style of story-telling through song. Relaxed, intelligent lyrics, and overall the song is well-assembled and marketable.

Mill’s End: “Remember the Time” - Being a huge Counting Crows fan, I really enjoyed this on, Of course this track has a more rustic, earthy quality than anything the crows ever put out. I can’t really place where this would sell best, but I would definitely buy it.

Manda Mosher: “City of Clowns” - Joni Mitchell meets Sheryl Crow. Pleasant but forgettable. Again, we’re falling outside of the country or even alt-country element, but not quite hard enough to call it rock either.

I guess this is the part where I remind readers that music doesn’t HAVE to fall into any pre-structured genre labels. Having your own blend is highly encouraged in fact. However, when trying to determine just how big your audience can get, finding the right unique sound DOES require a delecate balance between familiarity of a favorite genre and being distinctly original enough to leave a lasting impression.

Review Roundup has our staff listen to 3 singles, submitted to us at ReviewShine, and give their gut reaction.

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