The new and improved DH is designed to promote awareness of underground and unsigned country musicians. Here you'll find reviews, interviews, advice and all other types of resources for independent musicians, labels, and venues. We're always lookin' for reader submissions. We'll be happy to publish any article as long as it at least somewhat relates to the site here. DH can only get as strong as it's readers and contributers so buck up, pitch in, and watch out!
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The DH Network began with a country music hobby site and has now expanded to an online music powerhouse. With 5 sites and growing, the DH Network aims to bring music fans the most up-to-date news, information and tour updates for their favorite stars, as well as community tools, contest prizes, and more. We also aim to give advertisers a targetedd area to reach music fans directly. (DH) was started when a drunken webmaster from Oklahoma contacted his equally drunken Texan friend and said “Dude, I just bought” to which the Texan replied “cool! What are ya gonna do with it?”… “Umm, I have no idea. How ‘bout create a forum for Country fans?” And it was born… after sittin’ dormant for a bit a few of the Okie’s friends got together to recreate the site and now… the new and improved DH is designed to promote awareness of underground and unsigned country musicians. DH now offers such comprehensive resources as advice from industry professionals, venue information and a general forum for members to chat. DH is an open community for people to speak their minds, make friends and check out some rockin’ country music.

UMP - Born smack dab in the middle of the USofA in OKC, Oklahoma, and raised in pretty much in any backwoods town you can think of from Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming and everywhere in between. As an alcohol induced teen I cut my teeth on what most like to call ‘butt rock‘. You know - that big haired, spandex fad that sped its way through the 80’s. All the while behind me country reigned. I fought to accept it and even hated it from one degree to another, then one day I woke up and heard it a second time (thanks to Dwight). I was hooked. While I currently can’t really get into a lot of modern country, I love…LOVE the old stuff. Mainly anything “trucker” circa 1970’s, early 80’s. That stuff is classic. I pretty much take care of all the development around this joint as well as sling guitar for the Phoenix based band, The Earps, (a little bit country, a little bit rock-n-roll). Welcome to the cool kids hang out…sit in a spell, have some fun, and check out a band or two that more than likely is something WAY too cool for radio.

~WC~ There are moments when the right song comes on and I can just feel it coursin’ through my blood. A little Pam Tillis, or a good Judds tune… maybe a bit of Merle or a touch of Ledoux and I’m right at home. Ya see, growin’ up we never stayed in one place more than a year, and I barely made it to 15 before I set off on my own adventures leavin’ the rest of my family behind. But no matter where I went, that music followed me. From town to town, school to school, and every crazy adventure in between and after, those songs were like family to me. They consoled me, they partied with me, they taught me lessons that my parents couldn’t. But most of all they stood by me through the thickest and the thin, and helped shape me. I may not have hometown stories to tell, but I know right where my roots are. It’s livin’ and breathin’ music in any way I can get it! So bring on your strings and bows and your sweet homegrown sounds and I’ll be right at home!

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