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Big Tex and the Blazin Pintos

Written on May 7, 2007 – 4:17 pm | by whiskeychick |

So in Ump’s travels across the heathen-filled southwest he found himself a lil’ saint of a Mormon we just HAD to corrupt with some rockin, some rollin, and maybe a lil’ moonshine. Next thing I know she’s throwin down her hymn books and speedin’ down the highway to a life of sin and serious debauchery. I took her out Friday night to break her DH Girl virginity. She wrote a piece about it. Like to read it? Here it goes!

This was my first show as an official DH Girl, so I dressed in my “slightly altered” DH shirt, jean mini skirt, cowboy hat, and topped it off with fishnets and supporting my favorite bar with my red Monkey Pants underwear then headed out on the town. Between walking around selling merch, and raffle tickets for The Earps Cd Release show, and giving away free Drunken Hillbilly schwag I had an awesome time!

People filled the bar at Last Exit, while people were piling up out on the patio. Left and right there were faces I knew from other shows and get-togethers. I met up with Mike Bolenbach from Full Well Recording Studio, who engineered The Earps newly released cd.I also got to spend a few minutes with Frank Labor and Russ the drummer from Jeff Dahl Band, not to mention their two-timin’ bassist Buckshot George. It was very easy to find someone to talk to, and when their drunken rambling became nothin’ but babble all you had to do was turn around and find some other random, yet interesting person to talk with.

The music was very entertaining, and actually made people move around, and dance a fair bit too. We started out with a bit of The Liquor Store Junkies whose rockabilly twang warmed up the crowd just right. But the ones that really caught my ear by surprise was Big Tex and the Blazin’ Pintos! Five quirky guys filled up the stage, and even before they started playing I thought I was at a bad stand up comedy show where nobody matched. I would of never guessed all these random characters were in a band together. They had a mixture of race car driver apparel, a guy in workout gear, another one in a red velvet robe, and a couple of cowboy hats. Not our usual fare but their music made me laugh, while still making me tap my boots. Go check em out, and be looking out for their upcoming Cd which is said to be comin’ out this month. You’ll be sure to catch the DH girls in full support!
The night ended with the AZ Derby Dames rolling out a spanking booth on the patio ready to spank away. Of course I had to jump and be the first one to volunteer to get headlocked in between a roller derby girls legs, while getting spanked by another. I think after my butt heals from the spankings, you’ll be seeing me at a lot more shows:).

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  2. By Sacashi on Aug 2, 2015 | Reply

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