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Dan Baird - Drunken Hillbilly Legends - Exclusive Interview

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006 |

Dan BairdBy Buckshot George
Anyone remember owning the self-titled debut from The Georgia Satellites on cassette back in the 1980s? If not, then you at least heard ‘Keep Your Hands to Yourself‘ a zillion times back then and chances are great that to this day, you’ll hear the song at just about any neighborhood bar that hosts cover bands. Yeah, it was actually a decent song with a cool video that not only played on MTV and FM radio a little too often but even crossed over and aired on CMT (Country Music Television). If that tune or their second minor hit ‘Battleship Chains‘ is all you’ve heard from Dan Baird, then you’ve missed out on a good career in roots rock n roll. The Georgia Satellites went through the sophomore slump with the second album ‘Open All Night‘ but returned with a third album called ‘In the Land of Salvation and Sin‘ that is widely considered their best record although it tanked commercially. After Dan Baird ‘fired himself’ from The Satellites, he made two really nice solo albums, ‘Love Songs for the Hearing Impaired‘ and ‘Buffalo Nickel‘. Both albums have since been remastered and re-issued. These days Dan Baird is a busy indie artist and performer as a solo artist, with The Yayhoos and other projects. Southern rock, country rock, roots rock… Whatever you want to call it, it’s all just good rock n roll played on old guitars. (more…)

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