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Review Roundup: Ted Pitney, Mill’s End, and Manda Mosher

Monday, September 13th, 2010 |

For today’s Review Roundup, we’ll take a taste of Ted Pitney, Mill’s End, and Manda Mosher.

Ted Pitney: “October Fire” - Ted seems to have a smooth, John Mayer/Shawn Pander style of story-telling through song. Relaxed, intelligent lyrics, and overall the song is well-assembled and marketable.

Mill’s End: “Remember the Time” - Being a huge Counting Crows fan, I really enjoyed this on, Of course this track has a more rustic, earthy quality than anything the crows ever put out. I can’t really place where this would sell best, but I would definitely buy it.

Manda Mosher: “City of Clowns” - Joni Mitchell meets Sheryl Crow. Pleasant but forgettable. Again, we’re falling outside of the country or even alt-country element, but not quite hard enough to call it rock either.

I guess this is the part where I remind readers that music doesn’t HAVE to fall into any pre-structured genre labels. Having your own blend is highly encouraged in fact. However, when trying to determine just how big your audience can get, finding the right unique sound DOES require a delecate balance between familiarity of a favorite genre and being distinctly original enough to leave a lasting impression.

Review Roundup has our staff listen to 3 singles, submitted to us at ReviewShine, and give their gut reaction.

Review Roundup: Brad Blume, Mark Lennon, and Gumbo

Friday, October 16th, 2009 |

For today’s Review Roundup, we’ll spin a track with Brad Blume, Mark Lennon, and Gumbo.

Brad Blume: “Poor Depressed Me” - This one has a classic cryin’ country song sound. Steel, sadness, and a little bit of quirk. The vocals are a bit nasal, but the song is worth a spin.

Mark Lennon: “Down The Mountain” - The synthesizer is a bit much in the intro, but after that, a good 70’s light rock song blossoms out. Imagine The Allman Brothers if you will. Could be a catchy radio song if they replaced the ballpark organ with perhaps more steel or even a harmonica.

Gumbo: “It’s Raining” - I think I just fell into a tiny bar on the outskirts of New Orleans. You know.. the kind with ratty stools, no booths, and a stage in the corner made of pallets. A sleepy guitar and some good day-drinking. This might be my favorite Roundup track yet.

Review Roundup has our staff listen to 3 singles, submitted to us at ReviewShine, and give their gut reaction.

Review Roundup: Allendales, Dixie Whiskey, and Mud, Blood & Beer

Friday, October 9th, 2009 |

In the first Review Roundup we’ll take a listen to The Allendales, Dixie Whiskey, and Mud, Blood & Beer.

The Allendales: “Drunkard’s Dream of Immortality” - The tune is well-assembled, catchy, and overall good. I can hear it being played on Willie’s Place easily. sadly, mainstream radio has long since left this easygoing Americana style.

Dixie Whiskey: “Wheels On The Wind” - While being a good slow-down song, I can’t find anything that stands out with these guys except that they could be a dead ringer for Jimmy Buffet’s sound.

Mud, Blood & Beer: “Lucy” - If Jason Aldean’s backup band were to play for the lead singer of Marcy’s Playground you would have Mud, Blood & Beer. More 90’s alt-rock than country, the song swaggers and slides and they may be marketing to the wrong demographic.

Review Roundup has our staff listen to 3 singles, submitted to us at ReviewShine, and give their gut reaction.

Old Crow Medicine Show Album ‘Caroline’ Out TODAY!

Tuesday, July 29th, 2008 |

Old Crow Medicine ShowOld Crow Medicine Show is gearing up to go out on the road again in support of they’re NEW Album “Tennessee Pusher” - Produced by DON WAS and available everywhere Sep. 23rd!

For Immediate Release:
July 1, 2008 (Los Angeles, CA)– With combined sales totaling over 280,000 albums, an appearance on Austin City Limits, two performances on Late Night With Conan O’Brien, and multiple appearances on A Prairie Home Companion, various NPR programs and the Grand Ole Opry, Old Crow Medicine Show prepares for the September 23rd release of Tennessee Pusher, their third album for Nettwerk Music Group and their most personal album to date. (more…)

10 Things To Do With That Bandanna in Your Back Pocket

Monday, March 17th, 2008 |

Ump ButtDo you know what I always wondered? Why DO all those southern boys walk around with bandannas in their pockets? Is it a boy scout thing? A gentlemen thing? So I asked around and found out… it’s a southern thing. Turns out there’s a hell-ton of uses for that little rag that I never really considered! Here were the most popular suggestions I was given by our readers: (more…)

Why E-Zines Won’t Review Your Band

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008 |

Demons of StupidityAs I was gettin ready to relaunch the site here I dug through a shitload of artists in my favorite musical fishin’ hole just hopin to find a few worthy of mention. I also threw out a few pieces of bait to see if I could hook a prize bass… sadly all the little guppies that bit weren’t worthy. So instead of shinin reviews and great new artists to showcase I’ve come up with a list of reasons why 95% of the bands that contact us do not get showcased. (more…)

The Demise of the RockStar

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007 |

So here I was toolin around town with my best friend, partner in crime, and fellow Drunken Hillbilly when he made the comment that there are no more innovators in music today. No more Beatles. No more Deville’s. No more Lynyrd Skynyrds or Doors or even Rolling Stones. There are no bands on today’s radio that stand a chance of becoming the next legend. Do you know who he blames? The fans… He says they’re too fickle… too easily distracted by the next bigDH trend. But do you want to know who I fault? I assume you must if you’re still reading. I blame the marketing companies. The record labels. Hell, the artists themselves!

The way I see it these people get together and come up with every possible way to bribe, manipulate, package, and produce what was once an art into a single-serving product that is as disposable as it is forgettable. The days of someone getting behind a musical project because they believe in it… because they hear something truly original… because they think that by supporting this artist they can watch history being made are long gone. Instead young artists line up in front of Sun Records thinking that if they share the same space as greats from the past they will become the great musical legends of the future.

What they don’t realize is those great musicians had to sacrifice. They had to find a way to stand out against the million other aspiring artists and show what made them different. What made them more than just a flash in the pan. Those greats had something that made them unique and irreplaceable. And above that, they stayed true to it. They didn’t pump out singles for a buck to the next fickle fan down the block… they produced music that carried with it their heart and soul. Their dreams. Their lives. And those are the artists that became part of our lives growing up.

So tell me… which musicians are your kids carrying with them for the rest of their lives? Justin Timberlake? Miranda Lambert? Fergie? Rascal Flatts? Don’t get me wrong… they are entertaining, but they are just not going to hold a candle to the legends of the past.

Findin’ Home Again

Saturday, November 11th, 2006 |

Well, like the story of my life, it’s time to pack up and move on. This time I’m just going a few miles from where I’m at now, but it’s to a place that is so unlike my current “mamma’s ranch” that I’m havin a hard time picturing how I’ll fit in. Or how my neighbors will learn to put up with me. I guess it’s a good thing I scoped out the neighbors ahead a’ time and made sure there was at least one of the umpaliscious variety. Anyhow, I know that as we grow older and play “grown-up” we may find ourselves tryin to create “home” where just an empty shack stood before. I’m just hopin I can do that here cause I honestly haven’t felt Home in a while now and I’m getting a little homesick for it. This little note really has no point… just a poll… what do you do to put your mark on your place of residence to really make it your own?


Southern Fried Frustration

Sunday, June 18th, 2006 |

by Dominick DeSade
Well folks, I haven’t had much time to scout out a Nashville band to report on for you, as it has been a busy month with the recording my own band’s demo as well as moving to a new apartment. I will additionally justify my neglect by stating that summertime, apart from Fan Fair and a few sundry events, isn’t the best time of the year to stomp your boots and swing your partner ‘round and ‘round here in Music City. You can find all sorts of cover bands playing in beer tents at county fairs but strangely enough, many of the bars in Nashville do not believe in air conditioning so it proves futile to go out for a cold drink to escape from the heat. And who the hell wants to pay to play a gig in a smoky, 98 degree bar with no ventilation? (more…)

A Plea to MySpacers Everywhere!

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006 |

WCFor the love of everything that is holy do NOT overload your myspace page with videos, sound clips, animated backdrops, and all those flashy do-dads that make your page load slower than molasses runnin’ uphill in the winter!

As much as you love your friend’s comments you do NOT need a thousand glitter bug I love you’s running down your page! Bitmap backgrounds take forever to load and nobody cares if your entire photobucket album is scrolling by! We live in a world of instantly gratified, channel flipping, fast food junkies who want to see what you have to offer and be on with their day. I personally sift through dozens of CD submissions, about 50 official websites, and sadly about 200 Myspace profiles each month to select who our next featured artists will be and it saddens me to say that I may have missed some great talent because their page was overladen with so many externally hosted images that it choked my internet connection right up!. Slim down and show off what really counts for goodness sakes!

This has been a public service announcement from me to you.
Bottom’s up!

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