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Hogjaw - Arizona Southern Stomp

Written on June 3, 2008 – 3:41 pm | by whiskeychick |

Hogjaw Arizona Southern Stomp

Hogjaw gets a head start in the local music scene opening for southern rock bad boys, Jackyl.

With a new album “Devil in the Details” set to release this coming Saturday, members of Hogjaw are excited to talk about what they’ve learned in the local music scene over the last year or so. Take a look, take a listen, and take a trip to catch them live first chance you get.

1). According to your merch girl you guys have only been together about a year… what have you found to be the biggest challenge in the local music scene? What about the best resource?

The biggest challenge and resource seems to be the same thing…there is a lot of talented bands around here and getting on the right shows can be tough, while at the same time, we have met other bands who have aligned with us in pursuit of the same goal. That is a great resource when it comes to putting together good shows.

2).What was it like to play with a major touring national act like Jackyl? Were there any big surprises?

The Jackyl show was intense. Its neat to play with established and successful bands. And I got to watch him run that chainsaw through a wooden chair! HA HA…as far as surprises, That was arguably one of our biggest shows yet in sheer numbers to say the least. We got a lot of exposure at that show. There were many new people that were exposed to us that night, even though we had quite a few friends there with us. The people at the show were very interested in what we do, as evidenced by the fact that we gave away the rest of our cheap whiskey EP cds, all of them, and it was a big stack. It was a rock show, and that’s what everyone was there for.

3).What’s your favorite venue to play at so far? Why?

We are thankful as a young band to play any venue, this is true. But, if there was ever any venue/show in particular that could be considered a favorite, it would be the Crown King Saloon. There is quite a personal history surrounding the Bradshaw mountains and the town of Crown King. The people that live up in that little mountain town simply ROCK. All of them. The locals came out of the woodwork to support the bands on stage that night and they were into it. Our first show up there was awesome, and it snowed to boot! We like that kind of stuff I guess.

4). The HogJaw myspace profile states you’re looking towards touring soon… any plans on where you’ll play?

The South! We want to do a run back east. There is no mistake that folks back there are into what we do. Many, many people are poking at us to get our asses back there and put on some shows. We are in the meantime burning up the pavement regionally to spread our music.

5).What do you think sets you apart from the hundreds of other local bands trying to carve out their place in this town? What do you bring to the table that really sells?

Well, all we can really say is that we play from the heart, and write music about things that are real, and experiences had. Keepin it simple and true. While this recipe for song writing feels right to us, it may or may not be the standard in the corporate music world. But as we do this thing, and our stuff is heard by the people, gaining more fans one at a time, the words coming back to us are always the same…”Keep it up!”
I can truly say that the people are hearing the music for what it is, and for what it was meant. They are finding the connection between their lives and Hogjaw, after all, it is written for them in the end.

You can catch Hogjaw at their CD Release party Saturday June 7th at Joe’s Grotto. For details please visit the HogJaw myspace profile

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