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Ghostowne - Exclusive Interview

Written on April 25, 2006 – 3:00 pm | by whiskeychick |

Four friends who got together to make music for themselves and for people who want to have a good time.Ghostowne

DH: What genre do you really call yourselves, if you could narrow it down?

DH: I know you boys are comin out of SLC, but your sound sure isn’t what I’m used to from there. Tell us a bit about your roots.
Steven: I am originally from MN, so my writing tends to have allot of the mid-west sounds mixed in to my own unique brand of writing.

DH: If you could have riders for shows, what kind of demands would you ask for?
Steven: A bottle of Tequila, 2 cases of Pabst, 1 package of Sparkler, A bundt cake with cream cheese icing, a box of twinkies, spam casserole, 7 cans of spaghettios and 3 sheep wearing night gowns.

DH: Whats the biggest compliment you’ve gotten on your music? Worst insult?
Steven: You guys fuckin’ Rock! You guys fuckin’ suck ass!

DH: What made you want to play music as opposed to say… Bein a doctor or TV repairman?
Steven: The Chicks.

DH: What would be a sign sayin you made it in the industry?
Steven: the day I could support myself playing music.

DH: If you could play for any five people in the world, alive or not, who would it be?
Steven: Elvis, Bruce Springsteen, Dahli Lama, Bugs Bunny & my Dad.

DH: Where do you get ideas for your songs?
Steven: Everywhere around me.

DH: Which song is your favorite to play? Why?
Steven: Blame It On Love, because of the emotional involvement I have with that song.

DH: Whats a piece of advice youd give to someone just starting out?
Steven: Go to school to be a doctor or TV Repair man.

DH: What is your favorite venue to play at? (Name, city and state)
Steven: The Depot, SLC, UT

DH: From artist to artist, what local musicians do you enjoy in your area?
Steven: SuperSoFar, Royal Bliss, Rich Wyman

DH: Whats the strangest thing you’ve ever seen happen at one of your shows?
Steven: a girl taking off her pants and masturbating.

DH: Whats the toughest challenge youve run into as a band?
Steven: Trying to keep it together and rollin!

DH: Where do y’all see yourselves (musically) in five years?
Steven: Kickin’ ass and takin’ names.. and still releasing CD’s. regardless if we get a “Deal” or not.

Steven Wells
-Ghostowne - Singer/Songwriter
Official Site
On Myspace
Look out for their new Ghostowne CD “Dry County”

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