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A Plea to MySpacers Everywhere!

Tuesday, May 16th, 2006

WCFor the love of everything that is holy do NOT overload your myspace page with videos, sound clips, animated backdrops, and all those flashy do-dads that make your page load slower than molasses runnin’ uphill in the winter!

As much as you love your friend’s comments you do NOT need a thousand glitter bug I love you’s running down your page! Bitmap backgrounds take forever to load and nobody cares if your entire photobucket album is scrolling by! We live in a world of instantly gratified, channel flipping, fast food junkies who want to see what you have to offer and be on with their day. I personally sift through dozens of CD submissions, about 50 official websites, and sadly about 200 Myspace profiles each month to select who our next featured artists will be and it saddens me to say that I may have missed some great talent because their page was overladen with so many externally hosted images that it choked my internet connection right up!. Slim down and show off what really counts for goodness sakes!

This has been a public service announcement from me to you.
Bottom’s up!

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