The new and improved DH is designed to promote awareness of underground and unsigned country musicians. Here you'll find reviews, interviews, advice and all other types of resources for independent musicians, labels, and venues. We're always lookin' for reader submissions. We'll be happy to publish any article as long as it at least somewhat relates to the site here. DH can only get as strong as it's readers and contributers so buck up, pitch in, and watch out!
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The DH Network

The DH Network is country music by and for country music fans.

The DH Network began with a country music hobby site and has now expanded to an online music powerhouse. With 5 sites and growing, the DH Network aims to bring music fans the most up-to-date news, information and tour updates for their favorite stars, as well as community tools, contest prizes, and more. We also aim to give advertisers a targeted area to reach music fans directly.

The DH Network currently includes:

Country Music News Blog - CMNB is a blog that covers mainstream country music news, album reviews, concert announcements, contests and giveaways. CMNB uses its direct relationships with both fans, artists, and promoters to produce unique and often exclusive content real pokies online not found on other major network country music sites. We also offer a large social media presence that results in passionate readers and loyal subscribers.

DH Country Music - The original DH is where it all started. DH began as DrunkenHillbilly, a place to publish reviews of unknown and underground country bands and musicians (often found in dark and smokey bars, hence the name). DH focuses on artists who are either self-released or not currently on a major label, and prides itself on being a press launchpad for these artists.

Country Music On Tour - CMOT brings country music fans the most up-to-date country concert information on the web. Because we focusonly on country music, we can provide fans with multiple ticket sources, special deals, and greater details about just the concerts they are interested in. CMOT also only partners with advertisers that provide value and truly interest our audience.

The DH Family - The DH Family is a place for country music fans to connect and share their thoughts and experiences. The site offers community tools such as personal profiles, blogs, video and music hosting, message forums and much more. The highlight of the DH Family is that the entire community is monitored by live people, and free from excessive and obtrusive advertising placements.

If you are interested in writing for or advertising on one of the sites in the DH Network, please email me at

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When you are asked who you're influenced by, I can bet you'll name a list a mile long of folks who've made it to the big time. Get some more inspiration by keepin' up to date on your favorite country concerts, ticket prices and tour dates through our partner site Country Music On Tour. At CMOT they focus on both today’s hot country stars and the legends of yesterday. Be sure to check back often as we add new country concerts, tour dates, opening acts, venue details, and any other information you may need. every day! If you go to the concerts or find interesting bits about the country stars we ask that you come back to visit and tell us all about it! See who's on tour now!
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